What we offer

Custom Development

We are group of highly experienced developers, brokers and network administrators who are backed by a wealth of brokerage experience from different companies. We understand your needs and quickly deliver professional solutions.

Ready Products

We have wide collection of professional modules & plugins for most popular Trading platforms, which can help to your business.

Consulting & Training

We can provide Trading platform training and to support your live and demo platforms.

a few words about us

Viktex Technologies Company develops and maintains solutions and plugins for Trading Platforms.

Our products are developed using the latest technologies and best design practices.

Our team is highly experienced with M Trading platforms, so we can offer different solutions and services for our clients and to make sure, that they are provided with the highest level of professionalism.

We are always following our main principles of delivering professional products and services for the professional brokers. We can offer both off-the-shelf solutions as well as custom products to meet your specific requirements.

Our advantages

Professional Software Development. Our team is professional team of developers with strong experience in software development industry.
Business Knowledge. Our company has strong experience with brokerage solutions and plugin development, especially for M family Trading Platforms. Our solutions are well known and satisfy our clients needs.

Customers who have consumed our services

  • Increase in profits and reduce in risks
  • Rise in the number of traders
  • Reduction in development / maintenance cost
  • Customization of trading system to suit their needs

M Trading Platform Plugins and Utilities

Viktex Technologies developed many ready solutions for brokers. Some of the popular products are listed below.

Storage Fees Plugin, Good Till Session, Contract Rollover Plugin, AntiScalper Trading, Pending Order Control (Anti Gaps), Volatility Control, Spread Control, Volume Control, Virtual Dealer Custom Plugin, Stock Commissions Plugin, Trades Re-Pricing Plugin, Margin Control Plugin, IB Commissions Plugin, Conversion Rate Markup, Bonus Control

For more information and solutions, please visit our products section.