Spread Control


Elegant mt4 spread risk management tool, that makes possible to control spread of instruments.
Maximum Spread Control – allows you to control the maximum spread of tools. When the spread is greater than a given value, this quote is filtered and adjusted one injected into a stream. It is possible to configure the plug-in for the news time, and with a possibility to configure the verification of maximum values.
Spread Mark-up – this allows you to add an additional spread at the level of the instrument. Allows to earn an additional revenue by the expanding spread of quotations received from a supplier of liquidity. For each tool (instrument), you can define your own additional spread.
Minimum Spread Control – Allows you to control the minimum spread of tools. This plug-in is required for brokers that would expand the spread, if it is less than the specified minimum value, then the value increased to the min value.

Plugin Options:

  • Min & Max spread controlling
  • Additional control in News and Gap time
  • Markup on symbol and security type

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