Trades Re-Pricing Plugin

Trades Re-pricing Plugin

In real market, for large volume traders, the trades must be re-priced if trader is drying certain liquidity levels.  Trades Repricing Plugin is capable to process the following order types:

  • Market order
  • Instant order
  • Stop order

For example, if trader is trading EURUSD over 7 Lot several times in a row, broker can set the following re-pricing rules for plugin:

For every next trade within specified time, it should be re-priced by 1 pip.

Other example of the re-pricing rules, where broker can set the re-pricing rules based on trade volume size:

  • 1-3 million: none
  • 4-8 million: random (1 pips),
  • 8-12 million: random (3 pips),
  • 12 and more: random (4 pips).

Plugin Configuration:

  • For different currencies, securities, groups
  • For different volumes
  • For different time intervals
  • For different volume levels

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