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Random Quotes Utility

Random Quotes Utility This utility allows to generate random quotes for Trading Platform. There are different parameters for flat bull or bear market. Very useful for the administrators, that want to perform some tests on weekends, when there are no data available. Utility Options: Trend Management Gap Injections Please contact us for more details.
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Country Cleaner Utility

Country Cleaner Utility In Trading Software clients are able to enter the country manually. This lead to the mistakes and differences. This small but useful utility is very useful for the cases when those data must be brought to the correct countries. Please contact us for more details.
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Group Management Utility

Group Management Utility This is a "must have" tool for Platform administrator. It allows quickly enabling or disabling multiple client groups in Trading platform. Very useful tool, especially, if broker has lot of groups and it is necessary urgently to disable or enable them. Manually process can take up to hours. With this utility it…
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