We have many various Trading Platform plugins and utilities developed for M Trading Platform, including trading enhancement, control and risk management solutions limiting the risks and increasing the revenue for brokers. For other many custom solutions, not shown on website, please contact us.

Our solutions will save your time and money and reduce the risks.

  • Pending Order Control (Anti Gaps)

    Pending Order Control (Anti Gaps)

    Pending Order Control (Anti Gaps) This is a risk management tool, which allows to control pending orders execution on the…

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  • Volatility Control

    Volatility Control

    Volatility Control Elegant risk management tool to prevent looses on price gaps and news. Often, the market becomes very volatility,…

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  • Spread Control

    Spread Control

    SPREAD CONTROL Elegant mt4 spread risk management tool, that makes possible to control spread of instruments. Maximum Spread Control –…

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  • Volume Control

    Volume Control

    Volume Control Plugin Risk management server side plug-in, that makes possible to limit maximum volume of open orders for trader.…

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